Ernesto Ortega the Scammer

Thanks for reading, please share so that you can save others!

Below is the person who stole my money.


This post is to show you reality of one of my client Ernesto Ortega. He did fraud with me and also with lot of other people you can see all detail and links of proof below.

Before starting let me display all of his contacts social media profile links and his websites.
His other record and police criminal record links are below.

Cell Number: +1 (954) 536-5913
Official Email:
His Mother Cell: +1 (786) 482-0292
His Brother Cell: +1 (786) 532-7383

Person in pictures is Ernesto Ortega my client from USA.
He also use stolen credit cards purchased from dark to pay for his stuff. I also have proof of this and I wrote that in that story.

I am web developer and I developed few of his websites and managed his social media and lot of other IT stuff. I also purchased all of his domains and he said he will pay me for all that. I am not from USA. I worked for him more them 4 months and he paid me in first month.
From second month he start doing lame excuses that he will pay that day, this day and bla bla.
1- He said he will pay in my payoneer account I said ok.
He paid, payment was pending as it take 7 days to approve. and it was cancelled 5th day. and payoneer banned my account. It is ok that payment went cancelled by why account was banned, this is the main story.
2- He asked me he dont know why all that happened, So I gave him my wife payoneer account, he tried to pay and that was cancelled and again that account also was banned.
3- He then asked me to get new bank account that support Xoom. It took me 3-4 days to get new account and he said he paid me there, and it will take 3 days to active in your account. I keep waiting and after 10 days no payment was received because he never sent me that, he was just playing.
4- I asked him to pay in my upwork that is legal and all other clients pay me there, but as he was not using his cards and upwork didnt allowed him to pay pre-approved payment so that plan was also failed.

He said he cant pay through Paypal, cant pay through Western Union, Dollar East and lot of other services. because he tried to pay me using stole cards and thats the reason my bank accounts were banned.

How I know those cards are stolen? Because he once asked me that can I stole credit cards from dark-web for him.

Whenever I use hard language he block me and run away. now he is not going to reply me.

lot of his clients also wrote blogs on him that he stole his payments and not going to payback.
below are the links of his police criminal records and also what his clients saying about him.


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